Sign of the Serpent

The Resisters left you a clue at this water pump! Coordinate with your teams to retrieve your packet.


Selfie Scavenger Hunt Recap

Please respond to this question however it suits you. You may respond in this form, with a picture or video direct message on Instagram to @TheResisters, direct message on Twitter to @TheResisters, by Facebook message, or through multiple plaforms.


Box of Addresses

Mission #1: It's a Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

Rules and Info Sheets


Go to each point on the location sheet and take a team selfie for points. Use the hashtag #TheResisters on Instagram. Scoring closes at 4 PM sharp!

Mission #1

Help me explore the locations in this box of addresses! Meet tomorrow (Saturday, October 4) at Faunce Arch at 1 PM with your teams.